August Five

1 Architecture: 
I was delving into some of my own past lately, researching some of the Architects that I have met or been taught by in the past, and I came across the Tofino House designed by Anthony Robbins. Anthony is a practicing architect, artist, and professor at UBC's School of Architecture whom I had the pleasure of meeting a  few years ago when I had just moved to Vancouver, after graduating from Dalhousie. It was a pleasure meeting him, and it was apparent to me that he had a strong passion for creating, and the creative process.  The Tofino House is a exemplary product of this passion. The house is beautifully sited, has a well developed massing, tight detailing, with sustainable qualities that are built into the house through prefabrication and up-cycling, with a touch of a playful yet sophisticated nature.

2. Design: 
I fell in love with the Duna Lounge Chair from Mula Preta Design. When I was in University I played a fair bit with the laser cutter and CNC machines to develop prototypes for furniture and design items. This chair threw me back to those late night sessions in the CNC room at Dalhousie. Mula Preta Design have created a beautiful piece here, equal parts sculpture and comfortable lounge chair, an incredible balance.

3. Art:
I was captivated  by these GIF’s of animated street art by A.L. Crego - check out more of his work here.

4. Music: 
Anthony and Josephine from Oh Wonder recently released a beautiful new track “Drive”. This is the 12th song from the duo released this year as part of their 1 song/month for a year - more on that here. I look forward to the Album release come September!

5. DesignDad:
Inspired by A.L Crego, I made my own attempt at an animated GIF, using my Monkeymoo and Scruffles characters from one of my pet projects: Night of the Monkeymoo. Part of a fun exploration.