M-RAD: Fresh Hills

While I was attending Dalhousie, getting my masters in Architorture, I had a partner in crime with whom I had an spectacular amount of fun; Matthew Rosenberg, founder of the LA based design office M-RAD. Getting into all the kinds of trouble one really should, and some that one shouldn't, we supported each others Scotch habits, and helped each other make it through the late night x-acto blade and super glue marathons that are so prevalent in architecture school. Sadly, our time together was cut short (perhaps for the best), when he moved on to pursue his masters of architecture at SCI-Arc, whereas I stayed on at Dal. Needless to say, we've stayed in touch over the years, and recently I was happily impressed with an outstanding achievement of his, when he received second place in the Fresh Kills Land Art Generator Competition

His project Fresh Hills for Fresh Kills was not only conceptually strong, but a beautiful, poetic response to the site, and so I felt the need to share it with you.