Life Moves Fast...

What an amazing week we've had. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes by with the day to day, but when you're more busy that usual it just flies. This past week was definitely no exception to the rule for us. The start of October is a busy time for us here; Keiran's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Grammy's birthday, throw into that mix a John Fogerty concert and a head shave fundraiser and its a whirlwind!

The night everything really ramped up I received a last minute phone call from Carl, Loreen's brother, inviting me to see John Fogerty as Carl's wife wouldn't be able to make it. SWEET! (Sorry Nicole) What an amazing show! We were witness to almost every major hit he ever had, and he's still got a voice of gold, with skills on the guitar that would give Jimi Hendrix shivers.

The very next day was Keiran's birthday party. Talk about an awesome affair, with 15 pint sized party troopers being granted superhero status after graduating from a rigorous training program. As usual, Keiran's mother went a little 'overboard' on the prep work (a standard carried by Cahoon Ladies I've been told), she made an amazing cake (with a little Photoshop help from me, and a rice paper and edible ink printer), a buffet of food fit for a small wedding, custom capes and masks for all the little hero's, and goody bags packed with an assortment of superhero fuels. Fun. Exhausting. Memories were made.

Birthday Morning

How Old!?

Birthday Party Fun

Superhero Graduation

Superhero Cake

Birthday Dinner

Following the birthday we drove to my parents where we stayed for the long weekend. This was great as both my brothers and their significant others came as well, it's always fun to see my older bothers. Oh, I mean brothers. Glorious food and drink was plentiful (it's considered next to illegal to go hungry or thirsty at my parents), and we were able to go fishing with grampa and my boys, canoeing, hiking, hot tubing, and eat more cake for Grammy's birthday. I honestly gained 4lbs in 3 days, a true feat, probably not one I should be proud of. 

Fishing with Grampa

Spidey Tackles Grampa

More Birthday Cake!

On Sunday, we ventured down to Glenora hall in the Cowichan Valley, where we met up with another 40 or so Cahoon's (Loreen's side of the family) for their annual Thanksgiving dinner. What an amazing assortment of food and family, great and delicious times were had. Beyond seeing the family, the highlight of that trip for us was the Head Shave Fundraiser planned to raise money for the for the chemo ward at Cowichan District Hospital, a place where a few family members have had to spend time in recent years, might I say F*#K Cancer! 

Uncle Doug and little cousin Madison were all geared up in pink and ready to go, they had even died their hair pink for the occasion. The shears were buzzing, hair falling, the smiles spread like wildfire. Amongst the applause, as the last hair fell to the ground, Keiran spoke up and said he wanted to raise more money for cancer, and that he would shave his head too! Nervous proud smiles were shared between Loreen and I, but who are we to say no when our little guy takes up a cause like this, in fact I think it's likely just the sort of action we want to foster in our little men. So we spoke up and asked if anyone would donate more to the cause if he were to shave his head, and a few minutes later we had ourselves a little beautiful baldy. All together the three raised $1300 for the Chemo ward. Way to go guys!

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Head Shave Fundraiser

Life moves fast. Too fast. While thanksgiving didn't slow anything down this year (other than me), it was particularly significant to me this year as I stopped to consider all we have to be thankful for. The list is long, but at the top, in a place of honor exist the two little amazing creatures I get to have in my life. Keiran and Merrick. They have become my therapists through humor, my inspiration through creativity and spontaneity, and have given me a love that I didn't know existed. Recently they even made me watch three of the most glorious sunrises ever. For them, and so much else, I am thankful.  

Thankful for these rascals

One of the sunrises they 'forced' me to watch, it was rough...