Video: Gloam

I came across this beautifully created short animation, and fell in love with the spooky yet gentle woodland creature Gloam. I can't wait to show my boys tonight, we've got plans to design/build a pint-sized haunted house out of cardboard boxes in order to begin prepping for Halloween. This movie will provide a great ending to the night, we'll sit in our newly created haunted house eating cookies while listening to the fire crackle in the background. Sounds like a perfect October night to me, good thing everything always goes according to plan when little children are involved...

Hhmmm, Better keep my fingers crossed.

Gloam from We Are The Forest on Vimeo.

Follow the link here to see the 'behind the scenes' shot breakdown. I'm always fascinated by process, and it was really interesting to see.

Life Moves Fast...

What an amazing week we've had. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes by with the day to day, but when you're more busy that usual it just flies. This past week was definitely no exception to the rule for us. The start of October is a busy time for us here; Keiran's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Grammy's birthday, throw into that mix a John Fogerty concert and a head shave fundraiser and its a whirlwind!

The night everything really ramped up I received a last minute phone call from Carl, Loreen's brother, inviting me to see John Fogerty as Carl's wife wouldn't be able to make it. SWEET! (Sorry Nicole) What an amazing show! We were witness to almost every major hit he ever had, and he's still got a voice of gold, with skills on the guitar that would give Jimi Hendrix shivers.

The very next day was Keiran's birthday party. Talk about an awesome affair, with 15 pint sized party troopers being granted superhero status after graduating from a rigorous training program. As usual, Keiran's mother went a little 'overboard' on the prep work (a standard carried by Cahoon Ladies I've been told), she made an amazing cake (with a little Photoshop help from me, and a rice paper and edible ink printer), a buffet of food fit for a small wedding, custom capes and masks for all the little hero's, and goody bags packed with an assortment of superhero fuels. Fun. Exhausting. Memories were made.

Birthday Morning

How Old!?

VIDEO: Ai Weiwei: NEVER SORRY [Trailer]

This will be an amazing film.

Ai Weiwei, hero to millions, is China's most famous artist/political activist/designer. In the film he gives the inside story to his work and life while striving to make a positive change through his art and social media in China. Though Chinese authorities have shut down his blog, held him in secret detention, beat him, and most recently destroyed his new studio, he will not stop battling to speak out against the ongoing problems in China. Journalist Alison Klayman directs the film and provides unique insight into contemporary China, and the country's most outspoken critic.

I am very much looking forward to seeing this film! Enjoy the trailer...

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry OFFICIAL TRAILER from Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry on Vimeo.