Wow, as parents well know, time speeds up faster than you ever thought possible once you have children. Of course that is aside from those moments where we expose the world to the full vocal capacity of our children during tantrums in the grocery store check-out, time has a happy way of slowing to a crawl for those special cases. I fully realized just how fast time is progressing today as we dropped off our little 4 year old (4.9 really) at his first day of Kindergarten. Wow. Sigh.

Boy Wonder

It all proceeded so fast! The walk to school was filled with smiles and laughter, both Keiran and Merrick were quite eager to get to school.  We were directed to the gymnasium where the teachers were introduced and Merrick was in AWE of the basketball nets. Following the quick introduction, childrens' names were called then ushered out to their prospective classrooms. When Keiran was called, he walked up and introduced himself to his teacher (he always has been the most gregarious of us all), who led us to his class where we said our sweet goodbyes, giving kissing hands to hold onto for later - he made sure we had some too. A few blocks away the tears fell  (poor Mama). With a happy-sad mix of emotions we realize that the Keiran is no longer fully in our hands. He is even now being molded by his peers and teachers. We can only hope that they understand how amazing he is, and how special he is to us. As Loreen pointed out, there is a great prayer that encapsulates our feelings. She wanted to print it out and pin it to his chest for his teachers to see.

Personally, I'm mostly just excited. School is exactly what Keiran needs. He is a social creature, and thrives when he's learning new things. The saddest thing to me is the fact that Merrick is loosing his day time play buddy, luckily it's just a few hours. I just can't wait to hear all about his first day of school tonight. I also wonder if Keiran's had his surprise treat yet, as we hid a tasty kissing hand (sugar cookie with a chocolate kiss) in his lunch to remind him we are thinking of him...

Kissing Hands