I came across this interesting video titled "Moments" by Everynone earlier today. I love the way it poetically discusses the idea by showing a collection of moments many people can swiftly related to. I felt it asked of me the question: "what is a moment?"

When asked to define a moment, I feel sensitive, almost nervous. It seems a private and personal thing.  Perhaps this is because, to me, a moment is an experience. It is something to be measured, not by a length of time, but by an emotion. To be described through ones eyes, lips, and gestures. Not words. In my life, not one has been duplicated, each is unique. The best ones are those that catch me off guard, they are the seeds of poetry. Seemingly infinite, I know they are not. They will run out. So I try to ensure that I feel all of my moments completely, good, bad, blissful, turbulent. I make a collection. Each moment, a feeling woven into the tapestry of my memories.

SO, what is a moment to you?