Canada Day!

We had an AMAZING Canada Day celebration. It was a busy, fun filled day complete with a range of emotions that ran a full spectrum. I suppose the last part is kind of standard around here, our little guys know how to go from surprised, to crying, to happy and laughing in a total of 0.03 milliseconds. We know, we've timed it. With a "little" preparation the night before that included Loreen baking and decorating a gorgeous cake, and some T's by yours truly (granted, the idea was researched by Loreen), we managed quite a successful day. The basic rundown of our super Canadian Celebration went a little like this:

Snuggles... Temporary and short lived. Our boys like to get going, and once they do, they don't stop until they drop. Cheerios.

Once we were able to get out the door we headed down to the gorge to partake in the huge outdoor Canada Day festival complete with pancake breakfast. Grabbing a small section of lawn with some steaming pancakes we (ok, I) gorged on pancakes. Keiran managed to eat almost 1/2 a pancake before the syrup entered his blood stream and he began to vibrate with pent up energy. Merrick didn't even make it that far. I was 'forced' to eat their pancakes for them lest they go to waste...

Voyager style canoe trip (Merricks first non-ferry boat ride!)


A bouncy castle obstacle course. AWESOME!

Cotton candy!

An attempt at lunch was made. It ended up being a bitter failure... perhaps something to do with an over abundance of sugar consumption?
- Crying - 
Hmmm. Also related to sugar consumption/lack of lunch perhaps?

Dancing with Moorish Dragons!

Car show (Keiran goes absolutely CRAZY for cars, particularly the ones with engines in the back).

Time to go home...
- Crying - 
Never fails, at least we've come to expect it. I really can't blame them, it was an awesome time at the festival.

Trip home complete with two sleepers.

Good bye Soother party - One of Loreen's great ideas, we tied Merricks last soother to a bunch of balloons, said a few words, had a last moment with "sookie" then let go and waved at them as they floated off to 'join their family in the land of the soothers...' OK perhaps not the most green idea ever, but the baloons weren't that full of helium so I doubt they went further than the next neighborhood. I have full faith that they were picked up and recycled by some nice family a few blocks over.

BBQ crazyness! We have fully begun to appreciate why people call time around dinner "arsenic hour"


And FINALLY bed time, ahhhhh...
What an awesome day, and the sun even came out to shine on us. 
I'm still exhausted.