Recap: Moss Street Paint-In

Wow, what a Day!

Keiran meeting a Wolf Fairy

The heat was turned on, not too high, but high enough to make people thirsty! Keiran sold out of all of his lemonade, twice! A big thanks to Tom for going out to pick up the second batch, cousin Tawn for getting us more glasses, and Nana for helping with the boys! Keiran made enough to pay off his big business loans and make a tidy profit. After deciding on a toy, he will even have a small amount to put into his RESP! (OK, not THAT much, but he is into the idea and that's what matters).  

Packed Street

The street was PACKED with art enthusiasts for most of the day, and the art was top notch. There we're 150 professional and emerging artists set up and showing their work on the street, some were even working on new pieces while passersby could watch. There was music, food, performance artists (Keiran met a Wolf Fairy - with a really great costume and airbrushed body painting!), and a few fun stations for the kids to make their own pieces as well - we have a new clay pot and wind chime courtesy of Keiran!

Musical Men
A few of my personal favorites at the show were Tylor McNeil, Birgit Piskor, Mitchell Villa, Tad Suzuki and Blyth, Sean and Shawn of the Wood Pile Collective. I know there were many more that should be on that list, but I was a little busy chasing Keiran and Merrick for most of the day. Art sales were happening though, someone even made me a cash offer on my painted Lemonade sign! I couldn't refuse, so the sale was made, contingent on waiting until Keiran finished selling the lemonade. They came back to have me sign it and took it away at the end of the day. What a way to finish!

Tad Suzuki

Tylor McNeil

Tylor McNeil

Tylor McNeil

Mitchell Villa

Wood Pile Collective

Wood Pile Collective

Wood Pile Collective

Brigit Piskor

Side Note: Moss Street Paint-In!

Well, today is the Moss Street Paint-In, and the boys are ready! Keiran is running a Lemonade and cupcake stand (such a budding entrepreneur), and we're taking advantage of the foot traffic as well by putting up a little garage sale. Things are already looking better than last year, anything will beat the torrential rain that almost washed us all away then! I have faith the sun will soon poke its nose out from behind the clouds, and give us a great day.

Should be a blast, I can't wait to see all the talent!


So, I've decided to make the move to DESIGNDAD.CA completely. Not really sure why I didn't do this earlier to be honest. I hope everything will be set up on the technical side to forward properly, but my apologies if things are not perfect. Everything should be transferred over within the next 24 hours. Please let me know if there are any 'hiccups', and don't forget to add our new location to your favorites!

The boys at our *country house (*wishful thinking)

Side Note: Within Two Worlds

I came across another beautiful video showing the wonder of the nature of our world and beyond, thought I must share. The video was shot in multiple locations; Tumalo Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Shasta, Big Bend National Park, Mono Lake, Aurora Borealis over Crater Lake National Park, Texas, Painted Hills, the High Sierra, and the Aurora Borealis over Sparks Lake. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Video by Goldpaint Photography, music by Serge Essiambre 'Believe In Yourself'

Within Two Worlds from Goldpaint Photography on Vimeo.

Designer: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have been designing together for about a decade, in that time they've developed quite the reputation for putting out consistently interesting and beautiful work.  They have had their work showcased in multiple museum exhibitions, have many designs available with some of the top manufacturers, and have quite a tidy collection of awards. 

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

I first came across their work while I was studying for my Masters in Architecture at Dalhousie, I was investigating 3dimentional geometric patterns and found their Clouds, a modular textile wall system. Gorgeous. Intrigued, I looked up more of their work, saw they were not just flash in the pan designers, and have been following their work ever since. Below you'll find a cross selection of several of my favorites of their projects. They have a fair bit of furniture out, which are rather nice, but being the 'architect' I'm more intrigued by their larger partition/screen systems which are beautiful. Enjoy!

Clouds 2008:
Thermo compressed foam and fabric attached with a coinjected rubber band

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Side Note: O (Omicron) Video

What do you get when you mix an amazing laser light show, an electronic contemporary orchestral music piece, an a 99 year old concrete dome structure? 

O (Omicron). An amazingly modern supernatural experience.
(Or at the very least, a really impressive video for those that can't get there - such as myself.)

The permanent installation, by Romain Tardy and Thomas Vaquié, was created in Hala Stulecia (The Centennial Hall), an incredible concrete dome structure located in Wroclaw, Poland. Designed by the German Architect Max Berg, Hala Stulecia was, at the time of construction (1913), the largest reinforced concrete structure on earth, and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. 

The show:

O (Omicron) from Romain Tardy (AntiVJ) on Vimeo.

The making of:

O (Omicron) / Making of from Romain Tardy (AntiVJ) on Vimeo.

Architect: Atelier Tekuto

Atelier Tekuto is an architectural practice with focus on architectural explorations and investigations. They have a strong academic mindset and while some of their work is not always 'in tune' with my own personal design styles, (mine being much more grounded in natural and raw materiality), their work is always very intriguing, thought provoking and quite successful. I truly appreciate that each of their projects is very unique, and created as part of an deeper exploration of something, be it a building material, or concept, and it's always done in concert with the owners needs.

Atelier Tekuto

Lucky Drops House, 2005
Skin House Project No. 7
Tokyo, Japan

This is the house that first caught my attention for Atelier Tekuto. Built on an incredibly constraining site of a long, narrow trapezoid with 3.2m frontage, 29.3m depth, and 0.7m at the end of the site, couple this with the 0.5 meter setback for external walls from adjacent land and you've got some serious constraints!

To create a house on such conditions the team stretched the building out, used a playful and light steel structure, created a transparent skin to allow ample sunlight in, and took advantage of underground space, as it was not limited to the 0.5 meter setback rule. To further expand underground, instead of a thick concrete foundation wall, they used 8mm thick steel plates with anticorrosive, heat insulation and waterproof treatments.

Talk about innovative solutions, and an incredible structure. Though at 660 sq.ft. perhaps a little tight for the four in my family…

Lucky Drops House - Atelier Tekuto

Canada Day!

We had an AMAZING Canada Day celebration. It was a busy, fun filled day complete with a range of emotions that ran a full spectrum. I suppose the last part is kind of standard around here, our little guys know how to go from surprised, to crying, to happy and laughing in a total of 0.03 milliseconds. We know, we've timed it. With a "little" preparation the night before that included Loreen baking and decorating a gorgeous cake, and some T's by yours truly (granted, the idea was researched by Loreen), we managed quite a successful day. The basic rundown of our super Canadian Celebration went a little like this: