Side Note: Climbing Back on the Wagon

Now that my birthday month is well and truly over (I was taking a break to just bask in the glory of design-fatherhood life without the recording of it over the month of May, and I somehow let it creep a bit into June). Well, as my excuse of the 'birthday month' is gone, it's high time I to get back into the swing of things here at Design Dad.

I've decided to break away from my previously restrictive schedule of posts, as I was finding it not only daunting, but restricting me from posting some of my neat/random finds, or other miscellany. I see many more SIDE NOTES happening in the future! I will still try to cover essentially the same topics, and in a similar manner, just going to throw a little monkeymoo in the gears. 

Now where am I...

Keiran will help me piece it together.