Product: Balance by Propellerhead

As anyone who knows me may be able to tell you, I have a fascination and love affair with music composition and production, and specifically the program Reason by Propellerheads. I've been making music of my own since about 2000 and every 6 months or so I'll get the itch, abandon all other projects, sneak off to the garage every day after the boys are in bed for a week or more and pump out a new track or two to satiate my Music Lust. 

It is that specific breed of lust that brings you today's designer item; Balance. First off, Reason, for those who are not aware, is an intuitive music software for people who write and produce music. Perhaps not of the same sound quality as Steinbergs' Cubase, it's a totally different machine of sorts as it is pretty comprehensive in it's own, while Cubase you really need to have many more components (and it's much more complex)... But I digress. Reason has the ability to produce pretty awesome sounds if you have some patience (something I don't usually have when writing a new song unfortunately) and if you're plugging in synthesizers etc, the sounds only get better.  

What is awesome about Balance is that previously to record acoustic sounds, voice, guitar etc, you had to have a microphone and recording software, while now you can now bring in acoustic sounds directly into Reason, recording in real time... This is awesome in it's own right, but what adds to the 'awesomeness' is that it's a really sweet looking, simple machine. Propellerhead's brought in design consultants' No Picnic to help them out, and the result is awesome. In fact they just received the iF Design Award for hardware design. Nicely done.

I'm stoked, now to find out how to get my hands on one! 

(via the Coolist)