Architect/Designer/Artist: Ron Arad

Between being sick and just down right tired this week, I seem to have sort of neglected my usual array of posts. My apologies, but seeing as I kind of fell off the wagon, I'm going to try to hop back on in strong form, by bringing to your attention the work of Ron Arad. He is a creator born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, trained in art and design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, and in architecture at the the Architectural Association of London.

Ron Arad is one of the most prolific designers working today. His work spans the disciplines of Architecture, Art and Design. I am always impressed with his work, and his whole studio approach fascinates, inspires and gives me hope. I often diverge from architecture into the disciplines of art and design, as I find that working solely within architecture to be restrictive on my own creativity. (Thus the importance of my home studio!)

This post is actually quite difficult for me as it's going to force me to make a selection of 'the best' of his work. The difficulty lies not only in that he has produced a lot of work, but that it's all really interesting! His work is frequently playful and free and somehow always innovative and unique. He often harnesses the power of advanced technology to produce iconic designs - from an opera house, to an armchair. I hope you enjoy...

Design Museum Holon - Holon, Israel

Mediacite - Liege, Belgium

Tel-Aviv Opera House - Tel-Aviv, Israel


ART (somewhat difficult to remove from design):



Hanging bath, rotates into...

a shower!

Check out more of his work here.