Wine Friday: Longue-Dog

Longue-Dog, 2010 French blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Pays D'Oc. 

I will say right off, this is one I will get again. Firstly, awesome, simple label. Super cute prancing wiener dog stretched across the front and back label with a bright red collar as the only touch of colour. It grabbed my attention, and I'm glad it did. At $14.65 in the liquor venders, meaning it is probably more like $13.50 at a BCLS (I think), I think it was a really tasty good value for the buck.

Colour: Nice ruby red
Nose: light, smells young and almost like it was going to be a bit tart (wasn't)
Legs: Nice long and thick, lasted for as long as I could hold out...
Taste: Rich, some blackberry, hint of spice... Pretty delicious. 
Finish: Sad. It was gone.