Wine Friday: "glimmer of hope"

It is my experience that in many architectural offices there is a common tradition that I rather enjoy: Wine Friday. This happy event occurs at the end of each workweek, whereby staff finish up whatever piece of the current puzzle they are working out, and get together to open a bottle or two of wine. The staff then mixes about to discuss projects, current events, and more or less simply relax and socialize. Some offices have a more formal affair that includes office presentations, while others more social events to laugh and relax at the end of another week. Regardless of office specifics, the tradition is an important part of Architecture office culture, of which I am both an advocate and active participant. As such, I've decided to dedicate my Friday evening post to all those who enjoy relaxing after a hard week with a bottle of wine...

Lady and the Wine (she's a Pediatric Nurse if you're wondering...)

Each Friday I will review a different bottle of wine. For a twist, the judging and review of the wine will be based both on Design and Taste experience. The reason for this type of review is that as a design professional, I have a rather bad habit of 'judging a book by it's cover'. Wine is no exception to the rule; I am typically drawn to a well designed label, not always to my benefit! I have taken a few wine tasting courses, however, by no means am I a sommelier. I will limit my descriptions to experiential qualities while trying to avoid any delving into the scientific realm. I simply hope to offer a shred of assistance to those of you who also suffer from design addiction. I will attempt to find those wines that are both well designed and tasty, and warn against those that are not...My goal is to get only well designed wines, on a designer budget (and no, not Karim Rashid's)... Which, ideally for me, is under the $15 mark. Alas, I now have a great excuse to get a nice bottle of wine on Fridays! Although, I've always felt that Friday is in itself a great excuse..

Today is Friday... The wine, like the title indicates: glimmer of hope
This is a Shiraz out of (guess...) Australia, I guess you might have said Africa, but still most we get here are coming from Oz. I went just over 'budget' with it, as here in Canada, it cost $15.99. I know, Australians are gasping (more likely $8 there?).

The eye catching design...
The Verdict? Well, design wise I liked it enough to pick it up and get it. Nuff said there. On the scale of 1-7, 1 being "Spit it out!", 7 being "Go buy a case!" I would say it has to ring in at a good 4. AKA, what I would say is "almost all around enjoyable."

A little more info...
Smells like red wine. Good start. Didn't hurt the eyes, or make me cringe, made me thirsty! All good signs. Kind of a thick but subtle plum vanilla scent. I like it. 
Nice dark red and very clear. Good long unbroken legs, maybe a wee bit thin. Zip on shrapnel or floaters!
A bit light-ish. Cherry and a wee hint of plum. Tiny spice, but may be the so so subtle tongue tingle I get from a descent wine. A tiny bit tart, but all in all quite delicious!

There you have it, its a pass. I would probably, but not definitely, get it again. It's just there are so many bloody wines to choose from!