Wine Friday: Barbera Da VINE

The wine for today is Barbera De VINE, an Italian Piedmont, 2007. Set me back $14.99, so it squeezes in (the supposed) $15 the budget, if just. 

Here's what caught my eye: cute simplicity. The cute 1950's style pin-up girl sitting on the barrel while holding a bunch of grapes, looking slightly innocent, yet showing a little burlesque attitude.

So, there was a leak in the bottle. 
You know, now that I think about it, there was a leak in my glass as well. 
The wine just seemed to disappear. This is not to say that it was a remarkably delicious wine, but it was an easy drinking wine.

Nose: Almost smelled like a pile of grapes in a dusty library. Not sure if that is a good sign. Perhaps harvested a bit too early?
Legs: Not bad! The glass was a little too short and a little too full to really tell. Sorry, my bad. 
Taste: Light, but could be a refreshing sort of red to drink in the summer. A little bit sour, but nice body. Makes me think of the wine you might find in medieval Italy. 
Finish: Almost disappears, then comes back with a bit of a sourness later. Thus indicating that you likely need to refill your glass.

I can't be sure, but I kind of doubt I'll get it again. Maybe in the summer, or if I see that cute girl on the front again...

Thought I would mention that I'm in Vancouver today, I was at a glorious AIBC course; Law and the Architect. Regardless of how it sounds, some of it was actually pretty interesting. The course went just a bit too long to get back home, but lucky for me, I have a few friends in town who live in a great a penthouse with amazing views. So, here is a shout out to Mason, Paul and Eric, thanks for letting me crash with you guys, yet again.