Side Note: TO-DO...

I have a plan.


I am an exceptionally talented writer of to-do lists.
My iPhone has close to 50 lists on it, each with an approximate 20 items to do, 98.5% of them falling under design to-make items. I do eventually tend to cross off (most of) the items, even #346! but as Loreen would LOVE to point out, it sometimes takes me a while to get there…

Regardless, I have a PLAN! And it involves a list!

As a current resident of chaos, I will be attempting to make this blog relatively organized.
Quite the opposite of the current state of my home 'studio', which is perhaps more aptly called "The Man Cave"… Sorry, but Loreen will not allow me to post an image of it until I've cleaned it up at least a bit. Consider it a forthcoming #345.

Here is the PLAN:
It is with great hopes that I will be organizing the subject matter of the blog based on the day of the week.

Product of interest.

Architect (or building) of interest. 
Side note:     I'm not doing this on Monday as it's one of my favourite topics, being an Intern Architect myself, and I dislike Mondays as a matter of principle (ration and logic can stay out of that one).

Art(ist) of Interest.

Design(er) of interest.

This is a surprise. You can find out Friday.
Hint: My pallet is very excited about the research involved with this…


Status updates of my own projects and other miscellaneous items of interest.

Now, please note, this is a proposed list of weekly to-do's and I may veer off path from time to time, but it excites me that I am making an honest attempt at organization. I may intersperse the posts with other tid-bits (such as a song I'm really digging at the moment), but as a general goal, this is it.

How about it then!? Have you any thoughts or suggestions for things you would like to see here?