Side Note: Tilt Shift Video of Carnival 2012

Yes, another tilt-shift video, but I have to share this one it's fantastic... 
Creators Jarbas Agnelli and Keith Loutit did a remarkable job of capturing a different perspective of Carnival in Rio. The video is actually made up of 169,000 individual photographs, from 416 different time-lapse sequences. The specific timing between shots, specifically of the floats and people, makes me think of old Claymation videos, while the nature shots seem to be flybys of urban design models, powerful illusion. Enjoy...

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli and Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Sorry for the previous lack explanation regarding tilt-shift. So, lets think back to my Photography classes a few years ago... Right, here it is - first off, it's actually a bit of a misnomer as this type of photography rarely uses the shift, mostly just tilt. The 'miniature faking' result is a form of photography, sometimes called Smallgantics, the development of which is commonly attributed to Olivo Barbieri who came out with a line of still photos in the 1990's done in this style. It is done by tilting the lens to the back plane of the camera, creating the a small range of focus occurring in a small part of the overall image with blurred edges all around. The resulting photographs have the same look as a macro photograph where there is a shallow depth of field. 

Note you don't necessarily require a crazy expensive camera either, the effect can be recreated using a regular photograph with a bit of effort and a careful eye using Adobe Photoshop or other photo editors with blurring mechanisms.