Side Note: March Camping Trip

What a weekend! While there was no work happening on any of my designs, which is usually a source of chest clenching sadness, this was definitely not the case this weekend! I was just way too busy on our family camping trip! 

"Say what!?  It's March out there! Brrrrr...."

Our thoughts exactly... And so, seeing as we do not have a luxury camper, we decided that instead of traveling miles to a campground of frozen tundra too hard to get tent pegs in, we opted to travel only a short few feet... to our living room. This turned out to be a huge success. We had all the benefits and luxuries of being in the home (even movies viewable from the tent!), but also the fun of camping out.
Watching Movies

We set up the tent in the living room full of pillows and sleeping bags galore (the boys dubbed them "Adult Sleep Sacks"). Then even proceeded to roast hot dogs for dinner and even some marshmallows for smores in the living room fire place.
Roasting Dinner
All in all, it was a tonne of fun, and so easy to do. Keiran even had an afternoon nap out in the tent the next day before we made the "big" trek home. I'll never forget how easy that pack-up was. For any of you who have little ones at home, this is a easy winter camping trip that anyone can do. I definitely recommend it, as we made some awesome memories.
Getting Cozy at Naptime