Product: BioLite CampStove

Well, seeing as I'm still coming down off the high of our weekend camping trip, I thought I'd share with you a really cool camping related product today. It's called the CampStove, by Biolite.

BioLite CampStove

This little stove is really cool, not only is it tiny at 8.25" x 5" and only 2lbs, but it burns biomass (aka, sticks, pine cones, pellets), not GAS. It apparently lights fast and easy, and can bring water to a rapid boil. All the requisite ingredients of a good camp stove, without the petrol. What really sets the CampStove apart though is the Power aspect. The little stove converts the heat energy into electricity, and is able to power any USB chargeable device, be it your phone, iPod, LED lights, GPS, speakers, or camera! I know some hard-core, fundamentalist campers are cringing, but honestly, I'd be happy knowing I have a fully charged phone, if not for the late night tunes, at least for the trip home. And at $130 (US), it's not out of reach.

BioLite CampStove

The company is doing some good work beyond just the CampStove, they've also made something called HomeStove. HomeStove is essentially a larger scale version of the CampStove, but is principally being made for the 3 billion+ people who cook daily over open fires, which often occurs indoors and without a chimney. My lungs are aching just thinking about that! The stove reduces wood consumption by 50% and reduces smoke generation by up to 95%. Talk about efficient! Cool approach for what is actually quite a big problem.

BioLite HomeStove

You can get more information or even order your own CampStove for the rapidly approaching camp season at BioLite. For a little more information, here is a little promotional video to take a look at.

(via Uncrate.)