Hello! Design Dad is here!

Please stay tuned - this blog is about to begin!

The Design Dad blog will provide daily updates covering a range of design projects, architecture, music and art. Some will be my own, some will cover favorites of others. My own projects will be, for the most part, DIY design project that I have attempted. I will document the process as best I can, and either install/hang/showcase in the house, or melt back down to components. Some will be raging successes, and some will be bitter disappointments - I've been told to go big or go home!

My gorgeous, design savy, nurse-mixologist-partner Loreen and our two wee boys will be the ultimate critics as to the projects success or 'failure'. 

If they allow it to be in the house = SUCCESS! 
If not = FAIL! 

However, there is no such thing as a complete loss in a failed project, as I firmly believe we all stand to learn much more from our mistakes than from our successes (I keep telling myself this!). Even if all we learn is some humility.